Long time! There's some big changes coming and we're going to launch it soon.

In the meantime here is Mark's contribution for day 39 of Jessica Walsh and Tim Goodman's Forty Days of Dating.

and here it is in glorious color.
Cheers to the Douchebags



Designed a T-shirt for based on the Lune geometry. Nerds, they also glow! Buy here.


Swing by the Sony Store in Roosevelt Field tomorrow where Mark will be making an in-store appearance and showing some work. Get a free t-shirt inspired by the juxtaposing cultures of long island. Walt Whitman and Long Island Iced Teas. School of Seven Bells are playing and there's free sweet treats by Wafels & Dinges. All the info and RSVP link is here.


Sorry for the lack of updates. We're completly redoing the website so stay tuned. We're working on some exciting new projects and illustrations, they'll be up shortly. The NO YES No album art generator is in this design book called Playful Patterns by Sendpoint Publishing. Check it out.


Many thanks to CSCA,SVA and Michael Freimuth for having Mark judge speak and critique over the last two weeks.


So pleased to present the Urban Green EBIE Awards Identity and award design for your viewing pleasure. Please check out all the images and video in the select work.


We can't wait to show you the design for the Urban Green EBIE award. Here's a sneek peek.


Thanks to everyone who came out on Thursday. Here's the trailer for the talk.

There is some of our work in the new book Design:Paper.
Take a look.



Mark will be speaking in Columbus Ohio Thursday at the CSCA. Come out if you're in proximity.CSCA
Event FB page


Some new work up. And much more to come. Here's a little promo image we did for GT number2. Our only limitation was to be inspired by 2. Organ-ized, also inspired by the recent trend in organizing exploded object parts, goods or posessions.



Gratuitous Type Issue 2 Candy Buttons Spread now in the print section!


What? Mid April already? Many apologies for the lack of updates. This just means we're busy. And when business is good there's lots of new work to post. So you hold tight and get ready for all this new work to be posted shortly.



"From The Desk Of" takes a look at this here studio space and we talk about the shower, masks, coffee, distortion, Op-Ed, New Years Resolutions and a big ole' axe.

Take a look

Here is the little video experiment for No Yes No's "3rd Step"
We spent a total of $0 to do it.

No Yes No - "3rd Step" from keith on Vimeo.


We shot a little music video experiment with "Dogs in Cars" creator Keith Hopkin. Look for it this Sunday.


Welcome to 2012. We'll be working even harder given the lack of a 2013 Mayan calendar. Anyway, I'm honored to be included in the short list of The New York Times Notable Op-Ed art of 2011 check it out.


A Bunch of new illustrations have been posted in that section. We're also excited to post some fresh new design pieces in that are in the works really soon.


Hey New Yawkiz. Watch PIX11 at 8:50am tomorrow to see the logo and map we designed for the Vintage Crawl Brooklyn.

Also we have some work featured in Format First Vol.3 along with some other amazing designs. Really nice book, check it out.



Some new illustrations are up. Mark has a feature interview in the new book "Designers Universe." Pick one up if you see it.


Some new illustration for the New York Times. "State of our Liberties"


Some new illustrations are up. Mark has a feature interview in the new book "Designers Universe." Pick one up if you see it.



Ashley our first intern , is back at school. She was a great help and we'll miss her. We're currently still looking for a fall intern. Interested?

Lack of posts means much work is to be done. But we assure you that we'll be sharing it all very shortly!


Happy August. The summer is flying by. We recently received a gorgeous print copy of Design 360 #33 with yours truly on the cover. Here's a little flip video. If you want to read the interview click here.

Untitled from Mark Pernice on Vimeo.


Posted some logo explorations from Corra Films.Normally we don't put up incomplete projects but we're very proud of the work we've done here. Its a realistic part of work and life that sometimes it doesn't come to full fruition. We're all about showing the process lately and below are some of our explorations. While we're not in the business of spitting out "ready to wear" logos we'd love to find homes for some of these so if the shoe fits please do contact us.

Check them in the Print/Identity section.


Just announced! We're proud to be selected as winners for two FPO Awards. More info to come. Check out the winners here.


Here's a preview of a new promo piece. Due to the competitive structure of the design and illustration environment We felt we really needed to really show off our offered assets. Click the bigger button to see it larger if that's even possible.



New Op-Ed NYT piece. "Oprah, I Hardly Knew You." Also please welcome our new and amazing interns Ashley Nodar and Wing Chiu.



Super pleased to announce we're on the cover of Design 360 #33 with a full 16 glorious page feature inside. Truly floored to be alongside such revered principles as Stefan Sagmeister, Michael Bierut, Milton Glaser, Triboro and somehow make the cover story. Thank's Design 360!

#UPDATE: Check out the feature here.

design 360



We've been up to some music again, and we did something pretty neat with the album art.

They say good artists borrow, and great artists steal. In an effort to ensure greatness for the cover of our debut EP, No Yes No has stolen roughly 1500 times.

Since the music is a digital-only release, we thought we'd have some fun with the album art. For 33.3% of the band, "fun" includes Javascript, Google API and wget commands that the other 66.6% doesn't understand.

The end result is a unique cover for every person who downloads the free EP from Each download composites a slightly different cover, which takes an ever-growing database of really wonderful and really horrible album covers (from artists respected, reviled and also totally unknown), cuts it into tiny little slivers, and bends it to our will.

While the basic form remains the same, the tone of each random cover is strikingly different. One click might get you a muted black & white landscape; another might get you a hippie Technicolor nightmare. Since the universe can be cruel and unforgiving, we have included a 'Re-Art' button which will allow you to click until you get a cover you like. You can also click the 'View All' to select from thousands of other covers to see if someone else got luckier than you.

Try it out and we hope you like the songs.



I'll have some prints available at the Art Loves Japan show.

In Rivers Gallery
Fri April 8th - Sun 10th

All proceeds go to the relief effort. As much as I'm on the fence about selling pretty things for a relief effort, try saying no when a friend, curator and Japanese citizen asks for help. They look like this plus the Love type print too.

For more info visit the site.


Hi! The Strange Attractor has asked me to become a contributing writer. Start sending me some inspiration if you like.

Here is a New York Times Week In Review illustration about companies trying to trademark common language.



Here's a little nonprofit poster that just got scrapped unfortunately.


The Boston Globe commissioned me to create a cover for G that had a tangible feel. The cover is for the "The Great Divide" When parenting styles clash. Sorry kids, fruity pebbles don't actually come with marshmallows.


Some NY Times illustrations are up on the work section. Also the Anni Kuan piece is in the new book "Graphic Design for Fashion"


Some NY Times illustrations are up on the work section. Also the Anni Kuan piece is in the new book "Graphic Design for Fashion"

design for fashion jacket


"25 Years of Digital Vandalism" A new illustration for the NY Times Op-Ed article about Stuxnet written by William Gibson.
It's Out today. The printed piece is a full page illustration
and shows behind the column gutters. Pictures of that to
come tomorrow.

Link to article

digital vandalism


I've finally succumbed to Twitter. Lets see if this makes sense. If you're into it please follow me.

Follow markpernice on Twitter



It's with my utmost pleasure to announce that Mark Pernice is now represented by Scott Hull Associates. Home to the super talented designer / illustrators, Mikey Burton and Tim Gough!

A little invite I did last week. Thought I would share.



Happy belated New Year! The photo booth project makes the 2010 top ten list at Make magazine! Linkage


I recieved a really cool thank you card from Marian Bantjes. Thanks Marian!


Weathervane Music Organization in partnership with WXPN is offering the signed and numbered, limited edition Sumi ink show poster as a $50 pledge reward. There is some cool stuff from The Antlers, Sharon Von Etten and Twin Sister to name a few. Check out their Kickstarter page.


Happy Holidays!


There is some work in two book's published in China and available internationally. International Visual Communication Design - Liaoning Science and Technology and Wow! Leading Edge Designers - Sandu Publishing. Check them out if you come across them.

I designed some labels for the Urban / Anthropologie wedding line. Some comps will be up soon.


Looky. Prints, T'shirts, iphone and laptop cases and skins made with every illustrator pattern bundled in CS4. Available atSociety 6.


I don't usually crit other design but when stale design gets panned off as retro cool it deserves a mention. I can picture the new site design meetings at Urban Outfitters and the kitsch they were going for (probably circa 1980's pizzeria menu) but they just went waaay off the mark or did they hit it perfectly, I'm not sure. To be honest the so bad it's good thing has me a bit confused about what makes good good and bad bad and does it even matter since it's all relative. In one respect I can get with the punk rock attitude. Certainly good design doesn't have to be pretty but sometimes ugly is just plain ugly. It's going to be interesting to see how long it's up for.


Fast Company Design and Urlesque talk about the PB Series. Thanks!

Link and Link



UPDATE The series is Project of the Day at Kickstarter. Thanks Kickstarter!

We're doing a series but we need your help. I've started a kickstarter project because we need you to help support low brow (literally) art. Watch the video but click the link to the text where I'm less concerned with mumbling and darty eyes and more concerned with actual information. You might just have one made from your "stupid" face. If you would please spread the word and share this. Thanks a million!


Earth (the Book) by the folks at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart came out on Tuesday and guess what? I was a designer on it. It's also #1 on Amazon.


Continue here for some inside images.


It's Nice That has posted a little something on their site about the Photo Booth poster. Thanks Bryony. Linkage


Just reached the 1 MILLION hit mark due to the mask project. 1,064,359 as of today. Thank you for the kisses.


The promo posters are in. If you'd like one send me an e-mail and I'll s-mail one out to you. We just did some more scenario photos taken by the talented Douglas Thompson. I expect they will be up shortly.

***UPDATE: New photos are now up in the project page.

photo poster

photo poster


The Photo booth project is featured in this month's issue of Glamcult, a style mag based in Amsterdam. Download the PDF version here. Page 8. It's a really nice looking magazine. Yes they spelled my name as Marc, yes it's in Dutch, and yes there's some adult content. Thanks to the fine people at Glamcult.


It's been a little quiet around here. I've been at Pentagram for the past month hard at work on John Stewart' new book "Earth." Deadline approaching next week. Back to normalcy soon.


I was interviewed on The MacCast last friday. I've been listening to this nerdy podcast for years. Episode 05.15. The interview starts at 44:57. Take a look here or download it in iTunes.


I was a guest on WFMU's Night People. Winners, losers, success, failure , happiness, jean shorts and some discussion about advertising were thrown around. Download the podcast on iTunes or stream it here.


Full article on Have a look.

[04.27.10] is launched. Designed and developed by team Pernice and McWhorter.


Some have said they would like to see this as a series. This was actually the original intention. Funds and time permitting this might actually happen given the amount of love it's been getting. Thanks for the love.

High all! Long time! I've been working hard. Here's a preview to the latest project!



Pardon the first update of 2010 being two months late. Holidays, vacation and I've moved. Back to Brookyln! So come visit, we've missed you.

Otherwise I just finished up a nice little site, with the help of Weston McWhorter. Also the Knitting factory records site design phase is done and is looking great in it's development.


Sagmeister Inc. received two Grammy nominations for David Byrne and Brian Eno's "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today." I'm thankful to have been part of this project.

Byrne / EnoByrne / ENo 2


To the left you will see some new pieces added. Including penis typography. I'm working on some other interesting things as well and will be moving back to Brooklyn come February. Happy Holidays!


Found a video HP put up of the Darwin Chair. A glimpse of some of the design pages can be seen. I hope to be able to put some of them up on this here site.




One of the 46 design/illustrations I did for Stefan Sagmeister's "Darwin Chair" has been used for the latest cover of Clear Magazine.


Clear Mag

Also, the ARUP piece has found it's way in this month's Print Magazine.


I just finished working on a project for Sagmeister. 5 sections, 46 pages for the Darwin Chair. Very excited. I'll post pics when it's officially unveiled.


Weathervane Music Organization asked me to design a series of limited edition posters for their launch. Each poster is signed and numbered. All proceeds go to help fund the organization.

Click image to enlarge


The first released is available HERE

Weathervane is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding growth and stability for artists who are up against a sloping economy and failing business model. Take a look at the first two short video projects if you get a chance.


PRINT magazine has honored me with a regional design award. I'm truly grateful for the opportunities that led to this.


HOW magazine has honored me with an outstanding achievement award. A full page will be in the October issue.


This was a really fun project I was lucky enough to be a part of. The thread came from a deconstructed pair of 501's. It took two people (including me) 3 days to painstakingly pull the threads one by one.



View full posters via Hypebeast / via Kanye's Blog


This site is now more of a functional website. It still needs a little tweaking to get rid of the old school frames but blah blah boring. It works for now.

I saw the finished David Byrne / Brian Eno limited edition packaging that I helped out on a bit this summer and it looks great. There are some images floating around on the internet already.


I just found out that the Anni Kuan piece I designed at Sagmeister Inc. was a winner in the AIGA Philadelphia Design Awards. It will be featured in a month long exhibit at the AxD gallery in Center City. There will be an opening on May 1st.
For more info go to

I just finished this little thing. While it's not much I kind of like it.